News How to choose Karaoke song at Candy K Bar | Karaoke in Orchard

How to choose Karaoke song at Candy K Bar | Karaoke in Orchard

Candy K-Bar provides 2 ways for you to select their music during your karaoke session. Both ways are easy and convenient!

1st Option : Select your music from our Touch Screen Karaoke Console Control!

The old goody way that It is easy for anyone to navigate and pick their favorite songs.

2nd Option: Select your Music from your mobile phone (Wechat Karaoke App)

Introducing the function of selecting your own music via your phone (Wechat). You do not need to crowd around the song control panel anymore and It is more personal and hygienic! Our karaoke system could connect multiple users (devices) at the same time, so fret not, your songs will definitely got send to the system. So here is the tutorial on how you can use your mobile phone (via Wechat) to select your favorite songs and add it to the song list!

Select your Music from your mobile Phone (Wechat) Tutorial
Step 0: Install Wechat on your phone.

Step 1: Launch Wechat on your phone

Step 2: Under Discover Tab (Found on the bottom of the screen), Click on Scan Tab.

Step 3: Scan the QR code on our TV screen

Step 4 : KMI Home Page (Karaoke App) will be launch. Press and hold on your screen

Step 5: Press on Go to Official Account KMI (K米, Karaoke App)

Step 6: Click on 点歌 (Select Music)

Step 7: You are ready to select your music via your phone!

Some Chinese Translate that might be useful for you.

搜歌曲:Search Songs
歌星 : Singers
榜单: Hit List
已点:Selected Songs
遥控: Remote Control

Step 8: Press on 遥控 (Remote Control) to control the karaoke system of your room

It include select Analog (原 /伴), Pausing the music(播/停) ,Eject Song (切歌), Replay Song (重唱),Scoring System Switch – On and Off (评分(开/关),Mic Volume Adjustment (麦克风+-) and Music Volume Adjustment (音乐+-)

原 /伴: Original / Analog
播/停: Pause/ Play
切歌: Eject Song
重唱: Replay Song
评分(开/关): Scoring System Switch – On and Off
麦克风+- : Adjust Mic Volume
音乐+- : Adjust Music Volume
呼叫服务: Calling our Assistants

Now you are done! You can select and control the karaoke system in the palm of your hand and enjoy your Karaoke session .

P.S: If you have trouble setting up, Do let our friendly staffs know. Do would assist you with the set up. (Don’t be Shy!)

📌 Address:#02-07/08/09,111 Somerset,111 Somerset Road,Singapore 238164
⏰ Opening hours: 12:00pm till 3am
☎️ Hotline:+65 6235 1665

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